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Introducing Pocket Pollster

Is any part of your business or organization immersed in paper forms?  Are you looking for a simple, easy way to get rid of them and still collect the information you require?  Would you like to save money in the process?  If so, then Pocket Pollster is what you need!

"Oh sure, yet another company promising me the so-called paperless workplace," you may be thinking.  We understand your skepticism, but we're different.  Really, we are!

Pocket Pollster represents a new generation of software, built from the ground-up with some fundamental principles:

    1. Be easy to use.
    2. Be easy to implement.
    3. Be cost effective.
    4. Work in any organization/business/industry.

Fifty years ago it made sense to gather information using pens & paper.  Fifty years ago it also made sense to create a document with a typewriter.  Those were the best tools of that age.  But it's 2006, not 1956, so why on earth are paper forms still everpresent in our lives? 

The personal computer replaced the typewriter for one simple reason: It was a better tool.  Pocket Pollster is also clearly a better tool and we would like the opportunity to show you why. 

Click here to find out why you should consider changing the way your organization collects data.


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